Our Services

We are a Roofing service for residential and light commercial installing numerous types of roofing shingle products.  We do replacement and repairs for most asphalt shingle. With over 1,000 completed jobs over 40 years, we have likely completed a project just like yours. Estimates and evaluations are free.

Roof Replacement

Our roof replacement services includes personally supervising the removal of shingles through inspection of ant rotten lumber, such as decking, fascia boards, wood drip edging, etc. Then install underlayment known as felt. Remove and replace pipe jacks, pipe vents, valley flashing along update code standards 2″X 2″X10′ metal drip edging around the perimeter of the house. Finally install the new roofing shingles.

Roof Repair

This can be a very difficult task due to the age of the roof and if the roofing shingles still exist? etc. however we will replace them and use proper sealants for protection.

Roof Maintenance

Our Roof Maintenance Services includes a free inspection once a year for the next 5 years especially during heavy rains and hail storms in your area and add sealant to any shingles or flashing if needed.

Flat Roofing

We are experienced in Flat Roofing. We remove the old roofing surface, and remove flashing and the areas needed such as install pipe jacks, vent stacks, etc. Install underlayment, use a rubber rod system called Rhino Peel and Stick, very durable and Commercial grade.

Roofing Inspections

We provide a General inspection of your roof and check Chimneys, skylights, vent openings, and loose debris.

Home Remodeling

We are a roofing and remodeling Company, our services involves the diagnosis and resolution to your problems in a home, new tile, bathrooms, floors, kitchen counter tops granite, marble, small plumbing repairs, small electrical repairs and welding repairs as well. 

RAM Roofing before and after

Why Choose Us

  • Experience, more than 40 years in roofing.
  • Honesty, we will give you a fair price.
  • Local, we are a Houston Company
  • Licensed, as a residential building contractor.

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